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At a young age I loved art.  Visiting the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston as a youth, I wanted to stay forever living among the endless halls of beauty and fascination. This is where I could breathe deep, be one with the strong quiet presence, it was a peaceful place for me. My solace.  Even now I find this to be true.

I began art lessons after school at the age of 12.  Color, balance and harmony came naturally to me.  I also painted along side my grandmother who was self-taught and worked in oils.  Therefore I worked in oils.  I devoured her art books and always dreamed of traveling to Europe to visit all the great museums.  Through high school I painted, experimenting in acrylic and even clay sculpture, but life presented many distractions for me and painting was moved aside.  However my love for art, design and architecture never ceased.  In my young adult life work opportunities turned into a career of construction, remodeling and interior design.  And while my work fulfilled parts of the artistic spirit, I longed to follow my heart and passion of painting.

Before meeting my husband and having the greatest gift in my daughter, I set aside 4 weeks at a time for many years visiting museums all over Europe.  Multiple travels to France, Germany, Greece, the Greek Islands, Holland, Portugal and Spain only spurred my desire to paint and be surrounded by the art world I have always loved.  Due to my husband's career, we moved to Denver, Colorado for a period of time.  It was in Denver where I returned to my first love and was fortunate enough to study one-on-one with acclaimed watercolorist Nancy Condit - the daughter of well respected and known watercolorist William Condit.  Once I began in watercolor, I reclaimed my destiny as an artist.

To come full circle as a artist, wife, and mother is a joyful thing.  I am so thankful and blessed to have my champion, my husband.  And the tightest-hug-giver and best-flower-picker, my daughter.

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